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Flower ball Structural classification

Flower pot type combined flower

Flower pot type combined flower

The flower pot type combined flower ball is shaped by splicing three kinds of combined flower pots, and plants can be directly planted. The irrigation system can decide whether to install it according to the actual situation. The bottom 3 or 4 layers are each composed of 9 trapezoidal combination flowerpots SL-YT5030, the middle two layers are each composed of 4 arc-shaped combination flowerpots SL-YH7526, and the top layer is composed of small arc-shaped combinations Composition of flower pot SL-YH6030. Flowerpot-type combination flower ball, specifications: the largest diameter of 1500mm, the smallest diameter of 600mm.
Flower ball with small pots

Flower ball with small pots

Flower ball with samll pots, specifications: diameter 800mm, diameter 1100mm, 1500mm, 2000mm. It can be used to enhance the ground landscape, and it can also be used to stand in the air with a steel frame.
Flower ball with small pots

Flower ball with small pots

It consists of steel frame, single-pot flower pot, buckle, and various flowers and plants.

Common plants for flower ball

Flower ball installation process

Flower ball installation process

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Characteristics of flower ball

  • Easy disassembly and assembly, saving labor costs
  • Easy replacement of flowers and plants, different flowers can be presented in different seasons
  • Rapid prototyping to create three-dimensional landscape in a short time
  • Equipped with automatic irrigation system to reduce maintenance costs
  • Standard module combination and it can be reused
  • Could be used in different applications
Application of Flower Ball in Green Sculpture of Beijing Olympic Games

Application of flower ball

Municipal road landscape improvement

Square Park Landscape Enhancement